They finally did it! … what’s now? … a vote 20th of June!?

by Mogens Engelund
2. April 2007

After quite a delay, the Nepalese Primeminister Girija Prasad Koirala finally was sworn in as Primeminister for the sixth time, and this time after the constitution of a new Interim Government, based on all truly democratic forces – including the maoists, but excluding the royal back-up groups.

The new interim government in Nepal became a reality after quite a long time of negotiating. The old Congress Party got the top-positions, the left wing parties has got the majority with UML as the largest single party representation, but everything is hidden in a mist of unsure. But all that doesn’t matter that much compared to what is going to happen later. The big shots have been hidden for later showtime around the upcoming election for the Constitution Assembly, which will be handing out the power for big decisions, – decisions that might have deep influence in the Nepalese society in the future.

Ministers (cabinet-ministers)
1. Girija Prasad Koirala (NC) – Prime Minister, Defense, Health and Population
2. Ram Chandra Paudel (NC) – Vice-PM, Min. Peace and Reconstruction
3. Sahana Pradhan (UML) – Min. Foreign Affairs
4. Krishna Bahadur Mahara (Maoist) – Min. Information and Communications
5. Pradip Nepal (UML) – Min. Education and Sports
6. Mahantha Thakur (NC) – Min. Environment, Science and Technology
7. Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat (NC) – Min. Finance
8. Narendra Bikram Nembang (NC-D) – Min. Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
9. Krishna Prasad Sitaula (NC) – Min. Home
10. Dev Prasad Gurung (Maoist) – Min. Local Development
11. Rajendra Mahato (NSP) – Min. Industry, Commerce and Supplies
12. Prithvi Subba Gurung (UML) – Min. Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
13. Matrika Prasad Yadav (Maoist) – Min. Forest and Soil Conservation
14. Chhabilal Biswokarma (UML) – Min. Agriculture and Cooperatives
15. Hisila Yami (Maoist) – Min. Physical Planning and Works
16. Jagat Bahadur Bogati (ULF) – Min. Land-Reforms and Management
17. Khadga Bahadur Biswokarma (Maoist) – Min. Women, Children and Social Welfare

Ministers of State
1. Ramesh Lekhak (NC-D) – Min. of State, Labour and Transport Management
2. Gyanendra Bahadur Karki (NC-D) – Min. of State, Water Resources
3. Ram Chandra Yadav (UML) – Min. of State General Administration
4. Indra Bahadur Gurung (NC-D) – Min. of State Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
5. Mohan Singh Rathour (UML) – Min. of State Education

Nepali Congress (NC) has got 5 ministers incl. PM and vice-PM
Communist Party of Nepal – Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) 6 ministers.
Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist (Maoist) has got 5 ministers
Nepali Congress – Democratic (NC-D) has got 4 ministers
Nepal Sadbhavana Party – Anandidevi (NSP) has got 1 minister
United Left Front (ULF) has got 1 minister

The next and foremost duty of the Interim Government is to prepare and secure all arrangements around the polls for the Coinstituent Assembly, where the date has been fixed to 20th of June. We now only hope that The Election Commission has got all the time needed, and I thing we need to send a few prayers to the weather gods, that it is truely OK, if this years rain will be a little delayed. According to my calender. I usually say, that the monsoon-rain “normally” starts on June, the 10th. But everything is changing – in Nepal as well as in other parts of the world – and while the weather-people fight to present us for their calculations and predictions, we wait for new news from Nepal.

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