Revolutionary new government to be announced in Nepal today!

by Mogens Engelund
31. March 2007

Nepal got a new Interim Constitution 2063 B.S. (2007) just around two months ago, and later today the Primeminister is expected to announce a new coalition government, which will include members of the maoist-group.

The history is moving fast forward ind the Himalayan kingdom (still a kingdom, but nobody knows for how long?!). Yesterday (30. March) the Seven-Party Alliance Government and the maoists [Communist Party of Nepal (maoist)] finalized a “Common Minimum Programme” for the new interim government that is expected to be formed today (31 March).

After fighting against the government for more than ten years, the maoists are now just hours away from a historic participation in the Nepals new interim government which will lead the country towards a new form of democratic development, based more upon human equality and less upon historic inequalities inherited in the hierarchic caste-system, which from now on has to find its own feets in the rituel spheres of human life, a clear secularisation of religion. It is too early to comment upon the Nepalese society’s ability to accept and cope with that, and the way to handle the ritual life in a “practical way”.

Enough about that and back to the realities of yesterday and today. – The main points and features in the Common Minimum Program of Nepals new interim government have been disclosed for the press, and here is a summary.

– Polls for Constitution Assembly in a free and fair manner to be hold by mid-June.
– Promotion of competitive politics, human rights and press freedom.
– Strict implementation of peace accord.
– Formation of Commissions for Peace and Rehabilitation, Truth and Reconciliation, and State Restructuring.
– Action plan to democratize the Nepali Army, and a special cabinet committee to oversee, integrate and rehabilitate Maoist combatants.
– Proper management of Maoist cantonments.
– End to all sorts of red-tapism and corruption.
– Nationalization of royal property.
– End to strikes and bandhs.
– Reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure.
Education and health institutions to be peace zones.
– Creation of investment-friendly environment, strong action against willful defaulters.
– Common development strategy and effective social reforms and welfare programs.

The parties have also finalized a code of conduct for all ministers.
– Immediate ouster of ministers involved in corruption.
– All political appointments shall be based on political consensus.
– Implementation of eight-party (7-party + maoist) decisions major duty of ministers.
No public comment on matters of cabinet debate.
– Respect for a coalition culture.

The parties have agreed upon the national security situation – to normalize the situation and create a conducive environment for polls
– The Maoists will stop extortion and intimidation, and return sized property.
– Both government forces and Maoists will leave all forcefully captured buildings.
– All weapons outside cantonments will be declared illegal.
Joint committees to be formed in districts for monitoring agreements.

All eight involved political parties have agreed to commit themselves to the task of serving democratic and national interests, improve the security situation everywhere in the country and secure relief for conflict-hit people. They have decided to set up a committee to maintain coordination among the ruling parties with senior leaders of the political parties as members.

Now we are just looking for the next news to arrive from Nepal. Get latest news from Nepal via Google News here.

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