Nepal – new “national logo”!

by Mogens Engelund
15. February 2007

Nepal got a new Interim Constitution 2063 B.S. (2007) just a fortnight ago. Before that the scrapped the old national hymn as it was too royalistic, – now they have switched to a more realistic hymn praising the country and the qualities of the Nepalese people.

Besides that, even the name of the country have changed, – from “The Kingdom of Nepal” to just “Nepal”. And … if you have been looking at official Nepalese websites lately … you might have noticed, that … the graphic symbol of Nepal, the national logo, or the nations coat of arms have changed too.

On December 30th Nepal got a new national logo. Out with all royalistic and religious symbols and in with symbols of equality, skown by a handshake between a man and a woman.

If you want to read more (in Danish) have a look at the article Tidens tegn i Nepal, – anmeldelse af Nepals nye rigsvåben og andre forandringer af tegn og symboler at my weblog Info-BLOG’en, 14th February 2006.

Have a look at the new national logo here.

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2 Responses to Nepal – new “national logo”!

  1. Ramesh says:

    Where can i get logo of nepal oil corporation ltd. Please tell me it’s urgent.

  2. naha says:

    this is very help me full with my project

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